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WeShall Investments is a premier Canadian private equity firm founded by Wes Hall, a recognized leader, a staunch philanthropist, an advocate for BIPOC rights and a CBC Dragons' Den investor. WeShall is committed to supporting underrepresented entrepreneurs. As of 2023, we have invested in and supported over 30 businesses and continue to expand our portfolio.

No Bootstraps When You're Barefoot

Despite facing adversity and numerous obstacles since early childhood, Wes Hall defied expectations, climbing the corporate ladder and reaching unimaginable entrepreneurial heights. His memoir chronicles his childhood, his challenging relationship with his parents, overcoming racial barriers in Canada, his rise on Bay Street, and his formation of the BlackNorth Initiative.

Between Us
with Wes Hall

Life's journey is a constant evolution, and on 'Between Us with Wes Hall,' you'll gain a front-row seat to inspiring stories of reinvention. Wes, a seasoned business leader and visionary, dives into the transformative experiences of his guests from various domains. Discover how they've navigated change, adapted, and thrived through candid conversations that offer wisdom and inspiration.


Wes Hall has been invited to speak at various conferences and corporations across North America to share his rags-to-riches story, overcoming barriers and challenges on Bay Street, and his dedication to ending systemic anti-Black racism.

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    WeShall Investment Criteria

    Through strategic partnerships with BIPOC entrepreneurs and companies promoting diversity, WeShall focuses on investment opportunities with the following characteristics:

    • Significant minority or control equity investments

    • Industry-agnostic but place a strong focus on ESG factors in our investment decisions

    • Mid-market companies that are currently cash flow positive or on-track to positive cash flow

    • Companies based in North America / Caribbean regions

    • Strong, committed management teams with deep industry experience

    • Businesses with a sustainable competitive advantage and current/future pricing power

    • Target enterprise value of $5-$150 million